Monday, April 7, 2008

it lives!

let me first apologize for my long absence. i've started school and i've been doing a whole lot of knitting, as well as toddler wrangling.
while i've been away there have been some exciting developments in my home. my husband has been taking discussions with the missionaries and has attended sacrament meeting for the last 4 weeks. to cap it off, he attended the priesthood session of general conference at the invitation of the missionaries. he had a powerful experience there and they invited him to be baptized. he said that he would think about it and agreed to pray on it. he said that he wanted to make sure that he was making the right decision and ready for it. i have never felt more joy in my home than i did tonight and i know that God answers prayers because i begged him to work a miracle and allow him to feel something powerful enough that he could have no doubts that He was answering his prayers. He did. and now I just pray that he will decide that baptism is in his best interest.