Monday, January 28, 2008

Great and terrible day

Today I was planning on writing a post about 1st Nephi, ch 17 which was wonderful. the boys and i read it at the end of our family home evening. but i checked my email before that, and heard about the passing of President Gordon B. Hinckley yesterday. It is both a great and terrible day today.
it is interesting that he passed on Sunday, the Lord's day of rest. He went to his rest after having lived a good life, and leading this church for many years. he is the only Prophet that i have ever known during my time as a member of the church. it is a great day because he is with his loving wife, friends, and Creator now. his earthly worries and troubles are over. it is terrible because we will grieve our loss. we will miss him and his gentle way. he was quiet, but powerful. the first time i ever heard him speak in real time at a conference talk, i was so overcome by the Spirit that i could hardly breath and felt as though i would pass out. but i made it through, and i knew that he was truly the prophet of God. it is because of that experience that i know that we are in the safe, capable hands of the Apostles and God's work will not skip a beat while the 70, and the 12 do what they need to, to be inspired by Heavenly Father to name the new Prophet. and we will continue to do our work, and we will pray, and we will wait.

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