Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family bonding

Today I was hoping to help my MIL and UIL to make their arrangements and get some things together, but instead we ended up spending the day together for some family bonding time. We went over and set up the play pin for the baby, got him fed and down for a nap, and then hung out and watched football while they ran a few errands. I washed the few dished in her sink and when they got back we visited as much as we could between the phone calls of well-wishers and chasing a baby around the house and away from the cats.
I really enjoyed my time there and got to know my husband's Uncle much better for the first time. He's fascinating and tells the best stories. We all talked over dinner at the table as a family. We ate Stuffies, beef brisket and brats, and just hung out listening to him and my MIL talk about the old days. I got allot of knitting done on the back of the baby bolero and worked on BB's hat until I couldn't work anymore (decreasing and didn't have my double-points with me). I spent time cuddling with her cats and just being with family. It felt warm and safe and wonderful, and for the first time, like I completely belonged and was at home. I'm glad that we have all come together, but I wish it could have been over a different event. But I think that Angelo would be proud and happy to know that we have come together in support of his children and have become a more loving family after his passing. I see know how wise Heavenly Father is, and how beneficial his commandments are to us. We're lucky to have a Father who cares enough to leave a "guide" on how to live and how to get the best use out of our lives, and maximize our potential.

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