Thursday, October 11, 2007

i'm thankful for the gospel

(This is a rescue kitty that my MIL saved about 6 months ago)
Yesterday me grandfather-in-law passed away. It was both sudden and expected. He was 87 years old.
When my MIL came over to tell us, she and my husband decided that TB should go busy himself upstairs. I hugged my MIL, and held my husband's hand while the news sank in. After they left to go back to the hospital, I talked to TB, and was very thankful for the church and the gospel. TB understood, and didn't cry. You could see that he was saddened by the news, but he understood where Grandpa had gone, and that his work here was over, and that he was greeted by his wife, and the rest of is friends and family that have passed before him. He understood that Grandpa wouldn't ever be sick or in pain again, and that he will see him again. He was okay with it, and at peace. I was grateful that I could explain what had happened to Grandpa, and that he found comfort with it, as I have seen this day coming all year and I've been dreading it. At least when it did come, it wasn't as hard on this family as I feared it would be.
My husband's grandpa was a good, church going man and he lived his beliefs. He wasn't LDS, but he lived his beliefs to the letter and for that I know that he will be greeted by Heavenly Father with a "welcome home, good son." This also helped my husband to accept things. He's known that this was probably the end but it didn't make things any easier. His grandfather was like a father to him. I was glad for the teachings of the gospel that told us to visit with the sick. We took the entire family over to visit last Monday for our FHE, and his spirits were really high. It was wonderful to see. And I was able to comfort my husband with the fact that we had made sure to visit as a family several times, and brought over the t.v. and meatballs, as well as bringing the boys over to visit, and those things had helped to lift his spirits and let him know that he was loved. I told my husband that he has no reason to feel guilt. And in that matter, I don't. I feel at peace. I feel good, like I left things in a good place and that my GF-I-L knew that he was special and loved. Now I have a greater appreciation for the gospel's teachings. Heavenly Father know what he's doing.

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Judy G. said...

saw your comment re: Canadain Thanksgiving. Check out this site: for an explanation. Hope that helps! We've always thought you guys down south were late, not that we were early!